9 September 2012

Being Pished & Cutting About

This wasn't actually going to be my first blog (I had some wankery about politics in mind), but since it's in my head anyway, here goes...

I was heading back from a do in the West End last night and saw a lassie, who was obviously pished, go arse-over-tit trying to pick up a chip poke she'd just dropped. I went over to help her up and found out she was a fresher who had just moved to Glasgow from Belfast a day or two before, didn't know where her friends were and didn't know how to get home. Literally, all she could tell me was the name of the street she lived in (which I'd never heard of). Thankfully, one of Glasgow's finest black hacks was on hand so I bundled her into the taxi and made sure she got up the road okay.

There's nowhere better to be a student than in the West End and by and large, folk in Glasgow are brand new and will always look out for you - but there are more than enough rockets about, so for all the freshers that have just moved up, don't be a fud about it.

Stay safe troops.

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