26 September 2012

Lamont Finally Admits What We Knew All Along

I was going to write something about Johann Lamont publicly announcing the death of the Labour Party in Scotland, but I've got a lot on tonight and can't be arsed. Here's a couple of blogs well worth reading on the subject though (they pretty much cover my thoughts on the matter anyway)...

This one gives good insight into the political consequences of SLAB's swing to the right - http://reidfoundation.org/2012/09/is-this-the-end-of-scottish-labour/

This one gives an excellent trade union angle on the traitors' abandonment of universalism - http://internationalsocialist.org.uk/index.php/blog/trade-unionists-wheres-the-labour-in-scottish-labour/

Otherwise, I'll just give a brief summary for those who missed it. Johann Lamont has announced a rejection of...

1. The Council Tax freeze
2. Free education
3. Free prescriptions
4. Free care for elderly people
5. Bus passes for elderly people
6. Apprenticeships
7. The Labour Movement

...well, she still hasn't admitted to the last one.

I've previously said that a yes vote in the 2014 referendum was as good a chance as Scotland has to get rid of the Tories, but it's also as good a chance as we have to get rid of Labour. Let's be very clear about this, the referendum is now a left v right battleground. Lamont has aligned herself with the right-wing's no campaign, so if you chose to vote no in 2014, you'll be doing the same.

Anyway, for more info read the blogs I've linked to above. It's well worth your time.


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